Welcome to Wild Girl Wanders!

This blog exists to help me share my wildlife experiences and wild place adventures with anyone willing to listen. I’m going to use this space to share my stories from wildlife encounters, closer looks at UK flora, great hikes out in the glorious (if slightly waterlogged) British countryside, and any nature-inspired projects that take my fancy.

Having been raised in North Wales and currently residing in Derbyshire, I am a great lover of wild places. I’m most likely to be found prancing through various corners of the Peak District and Snowdonia National Parks.

I recently left my nine to five (ish) chemistry career to pursue my dreams of working in environmental conservation. At 25 years old, I’m performing a rather panic inducing u-turn and starting from scratch again career wise. I’m falling in love with learning again and determined to enjoy and appreciate every step of the journey.

Expect an eclectic, potentially sarcastic collection of blog posts and photographs depicting any little patches or moments of wildness that I can find. There’s a great deal that I want to learn and so, so much to see. I hope you enjoy my perspective!

~ Abi

The mountains are calling and I must go.

John Muir


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A selection of favourite photos from my wanderings.

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From DIY wildlife projects and jam making to great hikes in the wild.

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